Never put an upfront deposit down!!!!! This industry is full of shady companies with high charge back ratios from their credit card processing company. What this means is that they charge customers before moving their vehicle and then fight you for the deposit back. They hold you to a fire with this way of business and makes you feel like they’ve done something when really they’ve just posted you on a dispatch board. While they wait for a call they’ll tell you things like the driver is picking up other vehicles in the area or when they’re late they’ll say the driver broke down to buy more time. Most of the time never doing anything at all except taking your card info and putting your money

We don’t work this way!!! We don’t charge upfront and we only charge when the schedule of the driver works for you. Then accounting will email you a link to click and pay within 24 hours of pickup.

With us this will come around to bite us sometimes(with the shady companies) because the customer doesn’t feel like they have an order or that we’ll come through. With that said we always come through and always move the vehicle for the quoted rate. Take your time to talk to the transport specialist and try to understand how this works.

Auto Transport Dallas to Houston

Welcome to Houston Auto Shipping!!! Auto Transport can be a very tricky process even if it’s a short route like this one from Dallas to Houston. Most companies you receiving quotes from are Brokers just like we are but the difference is we get our rates from the carrier directly. This does a few things for you number one we get you right on trucks without waiting for a carrier to take Freight under the amount they want to get. This makes for a better transport because the driver is getting what he is deserved. Most Brokers basically guess on the rate that you would go for rather than give you a rate that your car moved for or a rate that is current. This this route from Dallas to Houston although short in the grand scheme of things can still cause trouble for you if not shipped with an approved carrier.

Auto Transport from Dallas to Houston is one of the more common routes Nationwide and definitely in the state of Texas. There’s major auctions in each major city in this case Dallas to Houston. Therefore making a lot of transports between auction to dealer and vice versa. This puts you the customer in a good position to find a good carrier you just need to go with the right broker. If you’re up for it you can try to find the carrier yourself. The only problem when you do that is you don’t know how good that carrier is and we do. In 8 years of transporting cars we know who and who not to use. If you’ve done your homework you’ve read the horror stories and believe me you do not want any of them.

Auto transports between Dallas and Houston generally take a day to 36 hours after pick up to be delivered. They usually go on Wedge type trailers with nothing above or below your vehicle. They take three to four cars at a time generally pickups are within 24 hours of the vehicle being available.
Call today if you need help or more information arranging pickup of your vehicle from Dallas to Houston or vice versa. If you found this page and you’re not shipping from Dallas to Houston just know that we could help you Nationwide with any auto shipment. We also are affiliated with a worldwide Shipping Company that also ships household Goods.
Cost for a regular size vehicle is around 350.00. It can come down to 150 each for 8-10 vehicles for dealers.
Houston Auto Shipping | Dallas to Houston

Auto Shipping

Auto Shipping

7 car open trailerWith Houston Auto Shipping, we realize it can be a tasking to choose the right company to ship your car or truck. This industry is full of companies who don’t last and other companies who wont have your best interests in mind. Its extremely important to find the right company for the job. We feel we handle business the right way with your needs in mind.  It really comes down to who we send you, and that’s why we carefully choose our carriers wisely. Years of experience has given us the expertise that our customers benefit from. After reading this or possibly even before you read this your transport process will start with a quote. You can do it online or over the phone. We’re not a lead service and we do not sell your private information. If you receive a quote from us and the rate is higher than you expected or you’ve received lower quotes. Please keep in mind most companies you’re receiving quote will always start you low and end up raising the rate on you. The companies that our quotes will compete with will be some of the companies that use the right drivers for the route that you’re shipping. Give us a call today to see how we’re different, with 10 years of shipping auto’s we know how to help you the right way. Ship with Houston Auto Shipping!

Open and enclosed transports vary but only by the rate it costs. The process is exactly the same, they just use a different trailer that can load lower vehicles. Insurance nowadays is the same as well, its a personal preference. Open transport is by far the most popular and we’ll talk more about it below.


Open Trailer Auto Shipping

Auto Shipping open trailerOpen trailer carriers have been around longer transporting vehicles. It’s way more popular than shipping on an enclosed trailer. Most cars being delivered around the country are on open trailers. Lexus and some of the other more luxury auto companies are now using enclosed trailers(black truck and trailer combos). Open trailers start with the availability to load two cars and go all the way to 10 small vehicles. Usually shorter interstate routes are using wedge trailers. They are 50 foot trailers usually being pulling by a 3500 Ford, Chevy or Dodge pickup trucks. Anything going 1200 miles or above will be a semi with a 7-10 car trailer. Most of the times they are not able to come straight into your neighborhood or right to your door step. The driver will get as close as possible while obeying laws. Try to pick large well lit areas for pickup and delivery. This helps because sometimes it’s dark at pickup or delivery and the last thing you want to deal with is an issue for damage after the driver has left(make sure you mark damage on the drivers BOL). If laws or the size of the streets do not permit, they are able to meet you a short way from your pickup and or delivery location.

Houston Auto Shipping (281) 668-4285

Houston Super Bowl traffic

Man o man, traffic has really picked up over the weekend. Today it’s been worse and will probably continue. We’re still shipping vehicles and if you need us give us a ring.

Who do you have to win the super bowl Pats or Birds??? Have a great day

Houston to Florida Auto Transports

Hello future auto shipper. This month we shipped some vehicles to Florida that we want to talk about.

Usually 9-10 months out of the year its good to ship into Florida. Its good because your vehicle is needed. What we mean by the is the auto transport industry is based on availability and how many vehicles are going in one direction.  So for any auto transport going into Florida you should always get a better rate than coming out of Florida. You’ll also get the best out of the drivers because they might not have another vehicle to fall back on.

We enjoy these types of transports because it makes for a better transport and happier customer. We always try to explain how the transport will go so you know what to expect. Most of the time its not a pleasant story but we hopefully give you some guidance instead of most companies trying to hide the fact that the industry is full of surprises.

Houston Auto Shipping will only tell you how it is. Even though we’re a broker we started as a carrier. This gives us a unique edge because we know some routes need extra attention. For example when we get a call from a customer that starts off with “Are you a broker?” we say yes we are and we know how we can help you. Most customers that ask this are currently shipping with a broker and aren’t having a good experience. This is usually for a few major reason PRICE(mainly), availability and size of vehicle.  You see most customers go with the best rate because they’re under the impression that the quote actually does what it says it will do (move your vehicle from A to B for X$). Its usually not true because the broker gave a rate that wont work for the drivers/carriers. We know what the drivers are getting because we get our rates from the carriers themselves. Call today to see how we’re different.

Ship your next Houston to Florida Auto Transport with Houston Auto Shipping and get the facts about auto transport.

How much to ship a car from Texas to Florida

The rates will vary depending on what cities you ship from. For example from Houston to Miami its around 650.00 for a small vehicle. This is usually the rate year round but because rates do change its best to get a quote 5-7 days in advance.

Shipping a car from Texas to Florida is usually cheaper and easier to schedule because the demand for your vehicle is high. So basically drivers who do this route are able to fill trailer space easily coming out of Florida to Texas and compete for the vehicles returning.

Other popular shipping route is Dallas to Orlando or Miami. This route is around 700$ for a smaller size vehicle. It usually is scheduled within a day or two and delivers in 3 to 4 days usually.

Our company only uses the best drivers in the industry. Yes we’re a broker and don’t hide from it like most companies. We’ll send you only qualified drivers that we’ve selected over years on auto shipping service. Most companies will send any carrier that’s in the area just to move this vehicle and sometimes this give “brokers” a bad name. This happens because the broker is a direct reflection of the work the driver does or doesn’t do. Also customers like yourself may or may not know how to find out if a company is good or not. Go with Houston Auto Shipping for the best broker/carrier combination.

New Car Dealer Transport

In need of a new car dealer transport? We can help with any nationwide move, but we love these types of transports because we’re very fast at setup and delivery. Usually when you’re buying a new vehicle that needs transport, it can come any faster and that’s sounds good to us.

If you don’t need a new car dealer transport and found this page don’t worry we ship nationwide door to door.

Ship with Houston Auto Shipping

Welcome to Houston Auto Shipping where you will find useful information to help you understand the auto shipping process. Most companies you receive rates from are giving you misleading information. Most of these misleading companies give you rates that they think will move your vehicle(s). So when you find these companies before finding us it will make a mess of the rate/transport process because it will usually make you think that the rate they gave you will actually move your vehicle(s).

We’re a very competitive auto shipping broker and we get our rates directly from the carriers themselves. We’ve been doing it this way for 8 years now. Ship with Houston Auto Shipping today.

Atlanta Auto ShippingMany customers believe that if they could just reach a driver or carrier themselves they can save money. Unfortunately this is untrue in most cases because auto shipping is a tricky process to schedule in most cases. Therefore this needs to be done from a office setting and not from a truck. Most carriers are independent and work from their trucks. With many different customers to work with it’s nearly impossible to get this drone from a truck. Even with that being said nearly half of the carriers nationwide don’t stay in business for more than a year. We know who and who not to use and will pass you savings for most major routes.

All in all we make auto shipping easy and will send the right driver for your route. Ship Houston Auto Shipping. Also if you’re in the market for a vehicle we can pass you to the right dealer in your area. We look forward to helping you with your auto shipping needs. Thanks again

Houston Auto Shipping HUB, LLC

For more help understanding auto shipping give us a call at 281-668-4285 and we can explain better. First it will be best to receive a quote so the agent can better assist you. Thanks again

Auto Shipping to Anchorage

Hello Future Shippers and or auto shipping to Anchorage Nationwide!!

Every year we grow in certain areas based on our growing network. This page is hopefully finding you in need to ship your vehicle(s) to or from Anchorage, AK. Also take note that most companies only offer auto shipping to Anchorage but we also deliver to Kodiak, AK.

We ship from anyplace in the US but most people who find this site are local. We offer door to door service for this and any other move we do with full insurance coverage. This route usually takes about 3 weeks from pickup to the time its delivered and costs around 3000.00 to Anchorage, AK.

auto shipping to anchorage

The Process

It doesn’t really matter where you’re shipping from, because its the same process nationwide. So we’ll just pretend you’re shipping from Houston. So you’ll provide a address to load the vehicle from in Houston that you want auto shipping to anchorage for. The driver will load and drive about 5 days to reach the Seattle or Tacoma area’s where the vehicle will be dropped at the port. From there it goes onto a very large boat to make its 10 day trip to anchorage. After your vehicle reaches and passes through customes you’ll be notofied to pickup your vehicle. Its that simple with auto shipping to anchorage nationwide or from Houston;).

So for all your auto shipping to Anchorage Alaska needs call Houston Auto Shipping today (281) 668-4285

Houston Auto Shipping | Auto Shipping to Anchorage

Port Info VIA Wikipedia

The Port of Anchorage (POA) is a deep-water port located in Anchorage, Alaska with 3 bulk carrier berths, two petroleum berths, and one barge berth. It is an enterprise department of the Municipality of Anchorage. As such, the Port is distinguished from other types of municipal departments largely because it generates enough revenue to support its operations without being a burden to Anchorage property tax payers, and it also pays a fee-in-lieu of taxes to help run city government.