Auto Shipping to Anchorage

Hello Future Shippers and or auto shipping to Anchorage Nationwide!!

Every year we grow in certain areas based on our growing network. This page is hopefully finding you in need to ship your vehicle(s) to or from Anchorage, AK. Also take note that most companies only offer auto shipping to Anchorage but we also deliver to Kodiak, AK.

We ship from anyplace in the US but most people who find this site are local. We offer door to door service for this and any other move we do with full insurance coverage. This route usually takes about 3 weeks from pickup to the time its delivered and costs around 3000.00 to Anchorage, AK.

auto shipping to anchorage

The Process

It doesn’t really matter where you’re shipping from, because its the same process nationwide. So we’ll just pretend you’re shipping from Houston. So you’ll provide a address to load the vehicle from in Houston that you want auto shipping to anchorage for. The driver will load and drive about 5 days to reach the Seattle or Tacoma area’s where the vehicle will be dropped at the port. From there it goes onto a very large boat to make its 10 day trip to anchorage. After your vehicle reaches and passes through customes you’ll be notofied to pickup your vehicle. Its that simple with auto shipping to anchorage nationwide or from Houston;).

So for all your auto shipping to Anchorage Alaska needs call Houston Auto Shipping today (281) 668-4285

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Port Info VIA Wikipedia

The Port of Anchorage (POA) is a deep-water port located in Anchorage, Alaska with 3 bulk carrier berths, two petroleum berths, and one barge berth. It is an enterprise department of the Municipality of Anchorage. As such, the Port is distinguished from other types of municipal departments largely because it generates enough revenue to support its operations without being a burden to Anchorage property tax payers, and it also pays a fee-in-lieu of taxes to help run city government.