Auto Shipping from Houston to Jacksonville

Of the various factors that affect the pricing of auto shipment, time is the most important one. The season or time of the year you decide to ship a motor vehicle determines the price that you will have to pay for the auto shipping.

Typically, the cost of shipping a vehicle is close to $150.00. However, this increases considerably if the weather conditions are not favorable. Given the different weather conditions that our country is host to, it is imperative to choose a time for auto shipping that is feasible for you.

The following references will help you gain more insight on traveling from Houston to Jacksonville.

Driving Time & Distance Between Houston, TX and Jacksonville, FL

The distance between Houston and Jacksonville is 870.1 miles. It will take you 12 hours and 28 minutes if you travel by car.

It is imperative to have an estimate of the cost of traveling before you set off for the journey. When calculating the cost of traveling from one place to another, factor in the local gas prices and the mileage your vehicle offers.

Since the ride is relatively long, you should check for hotels where you can stay overnight. You can either find a city that lies halfway in the middle or choose a service that is affordable according to your budget.

The flight duration between Houston and Jacksonville is 3 hours. This is significantly less than the time you take when traveling by road. Therefore, if you don’t prefer traveling in a vehicle, you always have the option of choosing a plane.

Travel Deals Near Jacksonville, FL

You can also save money for your trip to Jacksonville by availing the discounts and packages provided by various tour guides.