Never put an upfront deposit down!!!!! This industry is full of shady companies with high charge back ratios from their credit card processing company. What this means is that they charge customers before moving their vehicle and then fight you for the deposit back. They hold you to a fire with this way of business and makes you feel like they’ve done something when really they’ve just posted you on a dispatch board. While they wait for a call they’ll tell you things like the driver is picking up other vehicles in the area or when they’re late they’ll say the driver broke down to buy more time. Most of the time never doing anything at all except taking your card info and putting your money

We don’t work this way!!! We don’t charge upfront and we only charge when the schedule of the driver works for you. Then accounting will email you a link to click and pay within 24 hours of pickup.

With us this will come around to bite us sometimes(with the shady companies) because the customer doesn’t feel like they have an order or that we’ll come through. With that said we always come through and always move the vehicle for the quoted rate. Take your time to talk to the transport specialist and try to understand how this works.