shipping a car from houston to los angeles

So you’re considering shipping a vehicle from Houston, TX to Los Angeles, CA. Start with our free quote form and we will give you a competitive rate that will move your vehicle(s) on a PAC approved carrier. Not only that but we will ship it door to door and with 100% insurance coverage at no additional cost to you.

We ship many vehicles along this route and know what it takes to make sure all of you’re needs are exceeded.  This trip is just under 1600 miles and takes the average customer 2-3 days to drive it. This transport’s route will take you’re vehicle straight across I-10 and prices start at 750 for a small car. We hope you use the internet and look us up on sites like the Auto Shipping HUB and Transport Reviews.

According to Google the population in Los Angeles, CA is around 3,819,702 and the population in Houston is around 2,145,146. So if your shipping in reverse there’s a good chance you can save some money because you’re vehicle is in more demand. What transport company would tell you that??? Go with the best Patriot Auto Carriers, LLC


When you ship a vehicle with Patriot Auto Carriers, LLC you know that you’re catching a ride with the best carrier in the area! With so many carriers running so many different routes it’s important to find an auto transport broker who only works with the best trucks. We agree that it would be great if you could find these carriers yourself. Unfortunately, because many of the carriers are owner operators and don’t have a website or advertising  you will not be able to reach them. Another question you should ask yourself is “how do I know they are reputable?” At Patriot Auto Carriers, LLC we have years of service and experience under our belts and we only work with the best! We would only ship your vehicle on a carrier that we would use for our own vehicle.

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