Auto Shipping to Houston

Auto Shipping to Houston

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Auto Shipping to Houston can be a very tricky process with the wrong carrier. Most companies you receive quotes from are not really shippers, most of them are lead companies that have never shipped a vehicle before. Usually, customers that are looking for info on Auto Shipping to Houston are in need of the vehicle quickly so it’s better not to mess around with these types of companies. Lets us quickly find you a qualified driver to handle a short but very popular route.

Auto Shipping to Houston

Auto Shipping to Houston 

Let’s talk about a simple route from Dallas to Houston. It’s a simple short route but at least it’ll give you some understanding of how it works for other routes you might be interested in. Other routes most likely won’t be as simple or short but it’s definitely a good starting point.

Most customers that ship this route is going to be transported on open trailers. Usually a light-duty commercial truck with a 3-4 car wedge trailer. Enclosed trailers are an option but they are usually in the area for 1-2 days so timing with the carrier might take a little longer to schedule.

Auto Shipping to Houston is one of the more common routes in Texas. There are major auctions in each major city in this case Dallas to Houston. Therefore making a lot of transport between auction to dealer and vice versa. Many carriers threw out the country only ship auction or dealer vehicles. Sometimes they need to grab a few residential vehicles to fill their trailer if it was a slow day at the auction.

This puts you the customer in a good position to find a good carrier you just need to go with the right broker. If you’re up for it you can try to find the carrier yourself. The only problem when you do that is you don’t know how good that carrier is and we do. In 15 years of transporting cars, we know who and who not to use. If you’ve done your homework you’ve read horror stories and believe me you do not want any of them.

auto shipping to houston
Auto Shipping to Houston

Auto Shipping to Houston generally takes a day to 36 hours after pick up to be delivered from Dallas. They usually go on Wedge type trailers with nothing above or below your vehicle. They take three to four cars at a time generally pickups are within 24 hours of the vehicle being available.

Call today if you need help or more information arranging the pickup of your vehicle from Dallas to Houston or vice versa. If you found this page and you’re not auto shipping to Houston just know that we could help you Nationwide with any auto shipment. We also are affiliated with a worldwide Shipping Company that also ships household Goods.

how much does it cost to ship a car to Houston?

The cost for a regular-size vehicle is around 400.00. It can come down to 200 each for 8-10 vehicles for dealers. Do you have enough info on auto-shipping to Houston?

Enclosed trailer options are a little more costly. Usually in the 550.00 to 600.00 dollar range.

Try a competitor by using the link below.

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Houston Auto Shipping | Auto Shipping to Houston

Let’s head over to Trippy and see what they say about driving. The link for Dallas to Houston drive is here and some info below is found on their website.

“Here’s a sample itinerary for a drive from Uptown Dallas to Houston. If you’re planning a road trip to Houston, you can research locations to stop along the way. Make sure you check road conditions to double-check the weather. Traveling with a dog or cat? Find pet-friendly stops. Camping along the way? Search for RV campgrounds. Find the best hotels, restaurants, and attractions based on the most talked about places recommended by Trippy members.”

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