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Auto Transport to Florida, or some would call it the sunshine state, is a simple process from the Houston area. It’s just as popular a route as the Northeast, specifically New York City. You’ll want to be aware of a few things when looking for shippers online. First, most sites aren’t shippers; they are lead sites, so be careful. After that, you need to know that most shippers online are brokers. This isn’t bad, but you should understand what most brokers do first.

Auto Transport to Florida
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It’s a matter of weeding out who’s who. Fifty percent of brokers and carriers in this industry don’t last. They have poor business practices and know little about shipping vehicles effectively. Most brokers have never delivered a vehicle, and most carriers don’t know what it’s like to schedule or communicate.

We have been carriers since 2007, and a few years later, we added the ability to broker for other carriers like us. So, at Houston Auto Shipping, we know both sides of the industry and use that knowledge to dominate it. We have learned so much over the years that most companies or their employees will never know. It’s rare to be a carrier and broker all in one.

Call today so we can help you understand how to navigate these roads.

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The Process

Houston Auto Transport ships vehicles nationwide, but most transports go into and out of Florida. Many people move to the Sunshine State yearly, making this a popular auto transport route.  Pricing starts around 950.00(depending on fuel rates) going into Florida and slightly more coming out of Florida. The Auto Transport industry is seasonal, so it changes, so it’s best to get a more accurate quote when you’re ready to ship.

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Houston is also a growing city with four major auto auctions(Manheim, IAA, Brashers, Copart, etc) and many auto dealers, making the two locations equally popular in the auto transport world.

If you are in need of auto shipping and found this page, you most likely need assistance shipping between Texas and Florida. However, we can also help with nationwide auto transport. It’s usually best to start with our free quote page to receive your quote and then call if you have any questions. Thanks again for taking a look at our Houston Auto Transport to Florida page.

On another note, any company can quote you a price to ship your vehicle. At Houston Auto Shipping, we quote a price to move your vehicle(s) safely and on the best carriers available. Given the number of times people ship vehicles in their lifetime, it’s best to go with a company that has your needs in mind.


Is the route from Houston to South Florida popular?

Yes, it’s a bustling route because the two states are popular. It’s also off Interstate 10, the only way into Florida from Texas. Popular routes make for good transport.

How often do you ship to Florida?

Seven days a week! Sundays are the slowest day for pickup due to business being closed, but if you are a residential pickup, it’s possible to schedule.

Daily Tip: No company carrier or broker can insure items you add to the vehicle you’re shipping. Thanks, and have a great day.

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With all that said, we ship most vehicles along this route to Orlando and Miami. We ship open or enclosed Houston Auto Transport to Florida. We take significant care of your car during the 3-4 day trip. Thanks again for taking a look at our Houston Auto Transport to Florida page 🙂