Houston to Phoenix Auto Shipping

Houston to Phoenix Auto Shipping

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Is it time to ship your vehicle from Houston to Phoenix? Are you trying to avoid the long tiresome drive? Stress no more because we can help! Houston Auto Shipping is here for all your auto transportation needs!

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and extensive car shipping industry experience has helped us build a solid reputation over the years. All our car shipping services, whether you are using open or closed auto carriers, are focused on getting your vehicle to your desired destination safely and undamaged.

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Houston to Phoenix Auto Shipping
Houston Auto Shipping Service

Auto Shipping Made Easy

We are easy to hire. By filling in a few details about the nature of your auto shipping needs, we will get you a free car shipping quote and discuss with you our favorable transport and full insurance coverage terms. From there, we’ll get your car moving. While in transit, we’ll give you a chance to track your cars and allow you to thoroughly inspect the vehicle once delivered.

Our Houston to Phoenix Auto Shipping services include:

  • Classic car shipping
  • SUV auto shipping
  • Motorcycle shipping
  • Manufacturer-to-dealer shipping
  • Corporate relocation vehicle shipping
  • Houston Auction car shipping
  • College car moves
  • Truck shipping
  • Dealer-to-dealer shipping
  • Dealer-to-customer shipping
  • Houston to Phoenix Car Movers
  • Seasonal car shipping (for vacations)
  • Boat and watercraft equipment shipping

Auto Shipping from Houston to Phoenix

Our greatest commitment is shipping your vehicle from the preferred pickup point to the destination in the same condition we receive it in. To keep you updated, we’ll constantly provide you with accurate details on the car shipping progress. Better, you can track your automobile in transit by messaging the driver for updates.

Sometimes they’ll take some time to get you an update because they cannot communicate while driving. With that said most drivers will have an idea of when they’ll arrive at pickup and delivery. We try to use drivers that communicate well to make planning easier for both the customer and the driver for his other pickups and deliveries.

Houston to Phoenix Route

The route from Houston to Phoenix is roughly 1200 miles to the middle of the state. Your trip from Houston to Phoenix will be slightly different depending on what size vehicle you are transporting. The main area for delivery is the Phoenix area but sometimes we make a few stops in Tucson.

Our drivers say the drive from Houston to Phoenix is pretty uneventful without much elevation change.

Open vs Enclosed Carrier vehicle shipping: which is better?

Houston Auto Shipping offers both open and enclosed carrier options to our customers to ensure all of their needs are met. We can help with car shipping from Houston to Phoenix and many other routes nationwide.

But how do the features of enclosed and open carrier shipping options vary?

Dallas to Orlando Open Trailer Car Shipping

Open Trailer Car Shipping

  • Relatively cheaper
  • Holds more vehicles
  • Can transport larger vehicles
  • Holds less insurance(but not always)
  • Security features are not as great as those with an enclosed carrier – vehicles carried are exposed to the elements and possibly debris

Enclosed Trailer Car Shipping

  • Good for collectors and show cars
  • Exotic or lowered vehicles
  • Holds fewer vehicles are easily loaded
  • Vehicles carried have the same insurance coverage
  • More secure – vehicles are not prone to damage caused by weather and debris(This is also very rare on an open trailer)
  • More costly – the price is usually about 50% more than that what’s charged by open trailers

Get Our Houston Auto Shipping Services

We are the easiest way to ship your car. Contact us today to get a free no-obligation price quote and if you love what we offer, we’ll step in to professionally offer you the ultimate stress-free car shipping experience. We’ll handle everything on your behalf from vehicle preparation, and paperwork, and getting it to your needed location in the best condition.

Are you thinking about adding items to your vehicle when you ship it? Federal law doesn’t allow you to add personal items in the vehicle while shipping to avoid claims about missing items. However, most shippers will add some personal items at their own risk to help make their move a little easier. Read more on the Auto Shipping HUB’s website that talks about this here.

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