Houston to Maryland

Welcome to Houston Auto Shipping if you’re looking for more info on auto shipping from Houston to Maryland we can help. We are a nationwide shipping service to find you the best driver for your specific route. We can help you whether your vehicle is going to Maryland or another state in the US. We’ve been a carrier and now a broker so we know who to use and who not to use. We’ll talk more about the industry at the bottom of this page to help you understand the process.

So you’re looking for a shipping company to move your vehicle from Houston to Maryland or a surrounding area. We can help you with a door-to-door transport service that most customers love. When shipping a package you typically need to go to the post office or another shipping company. With us, you simply give us the addresses for pickup/delivery and we send the driver. This route typically takes 3-4 days from pickup to delivery. Rates start around 700$ for a small unit 9 months out of the year. We say this because roughly 3 months out of the year is a busy season with limited trailer space which will drive the cost up. Usually speaking it’s cheaper to ship East rather than shipping West. There are exceptions but for the most part, this is what to expect.


We’re fortunate to start as a carrier, with this as our starting point we’re able to easily understand drivers’ needs. This is the best way to have good transport because if you don’t understand the driver’s situation you might have issues come up during transport. We look for drivers who have been in the industry for 3 years or more. Clean driving records and newer equipment are also things we look for. Just like anything else you don’t have to have newer equipment but it helps us make a decision from time to time. Mainly we use drivers we have a history with.

Houston to Maryland
4-5 car trailer

This route will offer some flexibility with regard to trailer type. We offer open and enclosed trailers and they range from 3-car trailers to 9-10 car trailers. Anytime you go over 1500 miles you’re typically in the 7-10 car trailer size transports.