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Welcome to Houston to Atlanta Auto Shipping helpful page to iron out some major details for this route. First, it’s a very popular route with open and enclosed trailers. With the route being so popular, it also helps if the driver has issues with timing. So, if we encounter a driver with a few late pickups and then would result in your pickup being delayed, we can usually slide you into another driver’s slot, and boom, you’re on the way.

Houston and Atlanta are both major cities with many dealers trading cars around for different sales they need to make. There are also a lot of auto auctions in which dealers and customers alike are moving vehicles to and from hour by hour.

Sometimes the route will become more difficult and costly to ship in a particular direction. So, let’s say Houston gets a hurricane, and drivers move away from the area to avoid the storm. Even if there’s no damage, there will be a backup of vehicles and therefore cause delays and rate increases.

A factor that people often ignore when shipping motor vehicles from one destination to another is the weather. The weather plays an integral part in determining the time for the shipment, and the weather of the destination eventually determines the cost of shipment.

Atlanta Auto Shipping route is the busiest during the summer season; the winters in Atlanta are icy and dangerous for drivers. Here is some information you need to know when shipping motor vehicles to Atlanta.

Houston to Atlanta
Houston to Atlanta Auto Shipping

Travel Time & Distance Between Houston and Atlanta

The distance between Houston and Atlanta is roughly 800 miles, which, according to Google, takes 11h 34 min if you go by road. If by any chance, you are planning a road trip to the destination, you need to consider the exact driving distance between the start point and your destination.

This will help you calculate the drive cost based on the local gas prices and the gas mileage your car offers.

Since the eleven-hour journey is long, you must find stops between the journey and rest. Stop halfway and stay overnight at a hotel that is located close by. Map the distance between the two and make reservations at a hotel In between. You will save a lot of time and energy by making early reservations, as it can be challenging to find reservations during travel.

Another option that you can consider is traveling to Atlanta on a plane instead. The flight time between Houston and Atlanta is around 3 hours, and if you are looking to save time, this is the option that you should consider. Sometimes if the driver is going to be doing pickup/deliveries on the southwest side of Atlanta, you can have an airport drop-off or pickup. Hop off the plane and meet the driver with your vehicle avoiding uber costs etc.

Start here with a free quote but be careful on other sites that may look like a shipper only to find out it’s a lead site.

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Houston to Atlanta Flights

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