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Dealers Trade Vehicles

When dealers possess certain types of cars that they are having trouble selling, or are just not up to date with the models and image they are trying to convey, the smart thing to do is go for a “dealer trade.” This is especially true if you are looking to get rid of several vehicles while acquiring several new ones at the same time. The way it works is that one dealer contacts a bunch of other dealers and lets them know what cars he/she is looking to sell and what cars they are looking to buy. The dealer usually gets a variety of responses; some prices too high, some reasonable. This process is performed continuously until the dealer finds others willing to trade the cars they want for the cars they are looking to swap. Once this is done, the transaction is processed quite fluidly and the cars are transported between dealerships, leaving everyone happy.

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Dealer Trade

If a dealer does not want to participate in a dealer trade, their other option is to place all the unwanted cars on sale at a discounted price and hope that they are all purchased in a reasonable amount of time. This allows them to alter or update their inventory in a fashion that will positively impact sales revenue. Now, if you are a dealer and you are trying to get rid of, say, 23 cars, obviously this strategy is inadequate. But, if you are just looking to get rid of a handful of cars, then perhaps this may work. Once those cars are sold, you can attempt to buy the vehicles you are interested in acquiring with that capital. Yet, at this point, dealers may find they’ve come up short because of the bold price cuts they had to make to get their cars all sold in a reasonable time period. Since it is more common for a dealer to trade over five cars at a time, a large dealer trade is commonly the most efficacious manner in which to pursue the transaction anyway.

Other than circumventing the aforementioned troubles paired with not utilizing a dealer trade, the process produces several inherent benefits. First of all, dealer trades are completed without the marginal price increases by which car dealers make their living. This is because dealers engaging in a trade share similar knowledge and experience and are dealing on the basis of private sale value versus retail pricing. Second, car dealerships tend to bring to the table more buying power by virtue of the fact that they are a business and not an individual. Generally speaking, when more capital is brought to the table, the buyer (or trader) saves. The idea is – spend more, save more. Third, in doing business with dealers, every aspect of the trade is typically easier and more reliable. Dealers tend to get cold feet less and understand more about the sales contracts and procedures already. Plus, they almost always pay and/or trade in their goods on time. This means less dead time during which neither dealer can sell the cars they are trading. The faster the trade occurs, the faster the sales occur, and the faster a dealer’s profits rise.

Dealer Trade Solutions

If you are an auto dealer that trades vehicles, we offer dealer trade solutions for ensuring your carriers treat your shipping as a business-to-business transaction. Call Houston Auto Shipping and setup a B2B auto transporter relationship and save on every exchange you participate in!

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